My Links

The home page of the company I work for:
Some really great pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope
Trace your ancestors with the help of the Mormons:
If, like me, you are into X10-based home automation then check out this site. They sell other useful gadgets too!:
The inside scoop on what the folks at Redmond are doing:
The Kevin Bacon game actually has its own website! If you don't know what the game is then it's a good place to start:
Want to learn about scientific research that "could not, or should not be reproduced"? Have fun at:
Another of my favourite subjects is debunking pseudoscience. Read all about the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal:
Did you know that bits were left out of the Bible when it was "edited" in the 3rd Century?
Have you ever wondered what was in the lost books of magic that you hear about, such as the Key of Solomon? Well, they ain't lost any more!:
One of the wierdest of modern legends is Springheel Jack. His last sighting was by the school that I went to as a nipper:
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